What Will A Bunkbed Do For A Children’s Room?

It was always exciting to walk into a kid’s bedroom as a child and see those bunk beds. Now that you are deciding if bunk beds are right for your family, keep in mind the benefit to the whole family from the increase in space. There’s just something about creating more space that is just satisfying. More space can give you the impression of breathing easier, and with all of our hectic daily lives we could use a few more deep breathes.

What is it about a bunk bed that’s so special? Maybe it’s the same feeling we used to get when we climbed a tree? How long has it been since you felt that way? Well, imagine the way it will feel to your child every day when you buy them their bunk bed.

There is nothing more convenient than bunk beds. They can be arranged separately, at first, in the same room, to introduce your similarly-aged children to the concept. Then, as they grow, the bunk beds can be set up the traditional way, one on top of the other. Then, as the size of your house grows, the beds can be separated again when the children have their own room. Most bunk beds come with one or two ways to configure their set-up; it’s up to you to decide which way is best for your family. Involve your children, if you wish. They will take pride in helping to design their room. peppande citat 

The best feature of bunk beds is found during the traditional stacking: what better way to “gain” 50 percent more space. That “found space” can be used for whatever you wish-or for nothing at all. We all know that kids have a lot of stuff, naturally, and will find their own way to fill the empty spaces. Most of today’s bunk beds already come with built-in storage; some even come with a work station. Please make sure you do your homework; there are lots of different bunk beds to choose from; choose wisely, and your bunk bed can last for many years.

And kids certainly do like their bunk beds, but there are some safety issues that as a parent, you might want to concern yourself with. Each bunk bed that is purchased from a reputable online dealer must pass safety tests certified by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). This means that your new bunk bed meets government standards such as placement of the guard rails, ladder specifications, etc….The guard rails are very important, they need to always be attached to the bed, and in their correct position. Please don’t adjust or alter the guard rails, they are in a specific position for a purpose and that purpose is to keep your little one safe.

Don’t know if bunk beds are for you? Try removing one bed from your children’s room. Once you see the amount of extra space now available, you may decide that bunk beds are for you-and your child. With bunk beds, you get more than extra space; you open up a whole new world for your child. Have fun!


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