Posting a Resume to Online Job Boards

Working from home is a luxury most of us want but, not many can find. There certainly is no shortage of “working from home” opportunities but, not many “real jobs”. Searching for legitimate companies with legitimate openings can be like trying to find a needle in the haystack. You can easily waste hours a day surfing the web which is where a telecommute job board might be of benefit. purpose not a job

There are real telecommute openings out there; it is just knowing where to find them that is the challenge. A few companies have now made this easier for the virtual job seeker with websites similar to a traditional board. They spend the time searching for legitimate telecommute openings and post them all in one place for you to view. Saving you both time and aggravation of locating the jobs yourself. Another benefit to these sites is the screening involved. Jobs posted are only those that appear to be “jobs” not business opportunities or any form of MLM. Of course many of these sites do charge membership fees (mostly monthly) but, some are also free.

One of the more “popular” sites is FlexJobs which touts the “As Seen on CNN” and monthly membership of $14.95. Virtual Vocations is also very similar with $6.99 weekly, $ 15.99 monthly, and $49.99 semi-annually subscriptions. They do provide some free job leads but, to view the majority of the openings you must subscribe. SavvyVirtualJobs is a virtual job marketplace with free services for job seekers and employers. Legitimate telecommute jobs listed are both sourced online and posted directly by employers. There is never a charge for job seekers. Employers may post jobs for free and charges only apply to “Featured” jobs and “Business Opportunities”.

As with any job opening you apply to there is no guarantee you will land the job. Telecommute job boards will however save you time and let you break away from countless hours of trying to find the “needle in the haystack” online job.


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