Plastic Surgery Tourism And Superbugs

The recent reports of a new superbug from Southeast Asia are very disturbing. This is something that scientists have been dreading for a very long time – a bacteria that is resistant to virtually everything. How does this happen? Like the United States, India is a country that uses and abuses antibiotics by over prescribing them. Eventually the germs mutate and become resistant to these antibiotics, especially if you combine this with overpopulation, poor hygiene and substandard living conditions. This is a perfect breeding ground for a superbug. Why is this a concern for us? Superbugs have already been found in three states eventually going to head our way since we live in a very small world. However in the world of plastic surgery there is another reason to be concerned.

There is a growing trend for medical tourism and outsourcing of surgery to Third World countries. The countries themselves are even promoting this. They tout that their plastic surgeons are American trained and provide just as good surgical care and treatment as in the United States for a fraction of the cost. People are going to India and other countries for heart surgeries and orthopedic surgeries because of the decreased cost. They are even going to countries like India, Thailand, Korea, and Mexico for plastic surgery for the same reasons

However even though a doctor may be American trained that is no guarantee of anything. There are a lot of American trained doctors in the United States who are sub par, so that alone is not a guarantee of anything. The biggest factor in the safety of the patient is not so much the doctor as his environment. American hospitals are cesspools of germs and bacteria and everyone going into them is at risk for wound infections, catheter infections, and other infections with some very ugly microorganisms. But for all their faults American hospitals are obsessed with quality control and improving the situation. In the Third World cleanliness is not next to godliness. It is next to impossible. Because of cost constraints and loose, or lack of regulation, this is a serious problem. What to do at sentosa singapore 

In addition, as much as I’m disappointed with the legal system in the United States, it does back as a system of checks and balances for extremely bad situations. In the Third World it does not exist. So if a doctor loses several patients or has a horrible infection record, no one really cares. As a matter of fact, there was a terrible scandal in India not too long ago. The leading provider of kidneys and transplant surgeon was a con man who didn’t even finish medical school and was getting his kidneys by forcing laborers at gunpoint to undergo surgery to remove one kidney. So those patients who flew in for a cheap kidney transplant have to live with the reality of where their kidney likely came from.

So what happens if you have a horrible medical situation occur 7000 miles from home? Well, you either make it or you don’t. If it were me, I would place my bets with the resources of specialists and the advanced diagnostics available here in the United States. Is it worth your life or your health to save a few bucks? The world is becoming smaller, but the United States, despite all the debate about our healthcare system, still is the most advanced. When it comes to medical safety, there really is no place like home.

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