On Quitting the Marijuana Habit

“How do I start?” is the most common question among quitters. Sad to note, only a few succeed because of failing the first quest. Aside from nurturing inside the willpower to quit, among the necessary first-to-dos include changing one’s social circle. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure in laying obstacles. Scientific research has established a link between marijuana use and peer groups. It is likely that a the friends of marijuana addicts are addicts themselves. Similar to misery, drug addiction prefers company. cbd gras shop

Aside from the social group factors, factors that can be traced back to family backgrounds can also foster a child’s propensity to linger towards the “bad” path. Usually children with a deep-rooted inferiority complex are more susceptible to drug addiction. In order to gain acceptance among one’s friends, the child uses to the drug in order to appear “cool” and “in” the circle. In response to this, parents must be careful of the actions they undertake in order to win their child back. Perhaps a couple of moments with the child, enabling him to engage his willpower to stop marijuana would be beneficial rather than a thorough straightforward spank and verbal assault which may allow a tendency for him to seek the drug (and his addict friends) the more.

Encouraging recent reports regarding decrease in instances of marijuana addiction were mostly attributed to the advent of social networks such as Facebook. Less physical contact resulted to decrease in drug use. Instead of physically “hanging out” with friends, most young people nowadays are glued to their personal computers due to games and networking activities. This may signal new beginnings in terms of this predicament.

Prior to settling on the ultimate decision to follow the tips towards quitting marijuana, it is very important to note and remember that despite its being not chemically addictive and having lesser side effects than alcohol addiction, over exposure to marijuana has its own share of long-term consequences. Marijuana frequently exacerbates currently occurring mental illness, negatively alters motor performance, foster cognitive impairment, and chronic use is linked to presence of cardiac diseases. Thus, upon the moment of the realization of the desire to quit, one must decide immediately in order to take the first steps as soon as possible. Marijuana addicts often find it hard to acknowledge their addiction, thus making it harder for them to realign their paths to healthy living. But then, nothing beats determination and the iron will to make it through the cessation process. For in the end, despite the possible side effects of anxiety and depression, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy future, will follow.

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