Mens Skincare is Great For the Ladies – As Well As the Men

Here’s a really simple set of suggestions to get over your embarrassment about using men’s skincare products.

First, just take a look at the way the market for men’s skincare is growing.

In Europe and the US men are buying skincare products in growing numbers. (I’ve seen a report claiming sales for these products are growing at 25 percent.) Even in the plainest, bloke’s country in the world — Australia — men’s skincare is becoming increasingly OK. L’oreal, Lancome and Clarins all promote substantial product ranges for men. And with baby boomers having more money to spend now, and a more cosmopolitan (ie., well dressed and groomed) world to move in, fashion for men is not just a young man’s game any more. In fact men anti-aging skincare .. broad spectrum cbd oil . these terms are increasingly being used together in a major departure from the 1980s.

So, first tip: you don’t need to be embarrassed, because ‘everyone else’ really IS caring for their skin.

Second, learn about your male skin.

It is quite different to a woman’s skin. It is thicker because it has more collagen and elastin. But the pores are significantly bigger, so men need to take care with cleaning their skin well. (Remember those blackheads when we were teenage boys?) It is drier and has 15 percent more oil, so men’s skincare products have got to boost moisture and remove some oils. But it does the same job as a woman’s: it is your first line of defense against ravages of weather and disease.

In other words, the next tip is to appreciate your skin is a defense and is naturally prone to attack by sun, wind and sickness through its pores, excess oils and tendency to dry out quickly.

Third, look back at what your mother did for you.

I don’t know anything about you, but I’ll bet you had problems with your skin when you were a boy. Every teenager has battles with pimples, blackheads and dandruff. I see this in the young students that board with us, and I remember it from when I was at high school. So see your need to care for your skin in older age as simply an extension of what you started when you were young. The only difference is you’ll have to pay for your skincare products now!

Now it’s time to start doing something about your skin.

Don’t decide men’s skincare products are too embarrassing or feminine. Because while your skin is thicker than a woman’s you deliberately expose yourself to wind, rain, sun and hard physical work more than a woman, and these things all wear away your skin and age it. The sooner you start caring for your skin the quicker you will be able to get on top of the aging effects of your male lifestyle.

And you’ll not only look good, but you’ll feel good, and your healthy skin will protect you from disease the way it was intended to. Men anti-aging skincare; these are words that should sit comfortably together.


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