Measuring Made Simple – How to Measure For Wallpaper

When you want to try a new look for your home, wallpaper comes into mind. The first thing you will be asked for is the measurement of wallpaper needed. You need to find out how to measure for wallpaper. This question will bug you for quite a while because you will need to consider the total cost. So, how to measure for wallpaper?

The design of wallpaper you want will play a vital role in learning how to measure for wallpaper.

· If you want vertical striped designed wallpaper, there will be no additions to your calculations. These are random match wallpapers that don’t need to match with each strip.

· Straight across match designed wallpapers need to be matched with other strips of paper. While the designs of these stop before the edge of the wallpaper, you will just have to align them with each other.

· Drop match wallpapers have complex designs. Not only do these designs fully fill the entire paper, they need to be completely matched with the other strips. As for example, a flower may be cut in half at the edge of one strip. To match it with another strip, you will have to cut a part of the next strip just to match the pattern. This will have you end up ordering a few more rolls.

Now that you have an idea of how costly it may cost you, you are now ready to learn how to measure for wallpaper.

1. Measure the length and height of the walls. Take note of these measurements, you will learn the area of the room you want to put a wallpaper in.

a. Perimeter of the Area = (sum of the length of each wall in the room)

b. Square Footage = Height x Perimeter of the Area

c. Number of Single Rolls = Square Footage / 25

(A single roll of wallpaper covers about 25 square feet.)

2. In case the room has varying heights and/or lengths of walls, you can follow the following calculation.

a. Length x Height = Square Footage

b. Total Square Footage = (sum of the square footage of all the walls)

c. Number of Single Rolls = Total Square Footage / 25

3. Add the openings (windows, doors). Subtract one single roll for every 3 openings for big openings.

Double Rolls = Single Rolls / 2

4. Keep these measurements in a paper so you can show it if asked for it when you are already looking for wallpaper. Also, when asked about your calculations, be honest and be patient.

The above steps presented are just the first steps. As mentioned above, the designs of wallpapers will still have to be considered. Coming up with the number of rolls based of the measurements of your walls does not necessarily mean you have come up with the precise measurement you need for your wallpaper. The above illustrated calculations will help assure you that you will not buy more or less than what you need. As for the additional rolls, you can try to ask for a professional’s assistance.

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