Let’s Understand the Windows 7 Security Center

Windows Security Center is a security tool included with Microsoft’s Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. It allows you to monitor the status of computer security settings and services. Windows Security Center also constantly examines these security settings, and informs via a pop-up notification sign if there is something wrong. Microsoft has renamed it as Action Center in Windows 7, where it covers maintenance as well as security.

Windows 7 Security Center

Windows 7 Security center or Action Center is a single point from where you can get system maintenance information, security information and can also diagnose computer problems if any. Microsoft has reformed Security Center into a handier and informative Action Center however, you can use the same term as it’s more common amongst folks. It includes the following categories:

1. Windows 7 Security Center Notifications

It alerts you when there are important messages that require proper maintenance. The notification itself is very informative and lets you know about the problem right away. Action Center settings provide options to personalize these notifications. http://smartwebsiteideas.com/

2. Action Center – Security

In this category, you can monitor all of the required security information, problems and the options to troubleshoot.

3. Action Center – Maintenance

In this section, you can get information related to system maintenance like system backup, Windows update etc. It also enables you to check solutions.

4. Troubleshoot Options

Troubleshooting computer issues has not been easy in Windows 7. The troubleshooting wizard identifies any technical issues and tries to resolve them. The wizard is user-friendly and gives detailed step-by-step instructions.

5. Troubleshooting Report

Producing troubleshooting report is as essential as providing a fix. Windows 7 troubleshooting report provides complete information on the task, issues’ description and their status (fixed or not fixed).

Manage the following security features through Windows 7 Security Center

Windows Firewall: This is normally famous as “Network firewall” in Action Center. This tool scans network traffic passing in and out of your system.

Windows Update: In Windows 7 Security Center, Windows Update is merged with the Automatic Updates tool from previous Windows editions. This feature makes sure that essential software updates are installed automatically unless you configure the system otherwise.

Virus protection: Since Windows 7 does not have any built-in antivirus protection for some reason, Windows 7 Security Center integrates with third-party antivirus and Internet security solutions.


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