How to Write a History Essay

Writing a history essay is no different to writing any other essay – or is it? Well the principles are the same. You need to have a strong introduction – outline to reader what you are going to discuss in the essay. Make sure you answer the question. This may seem a stupid thing to point out, but very often in any essay, the question is not directly answered. A strong introduction gives your reader an indication that you understand the question and know what you are doing with the rest of the essay. pay for essay reddit 

Look at the question carefully and pick out the key words. This will help to guide your research into the topic and keep you focused and on the right track. Keep revisiting the question as a reminder.

Once you have done this, it is often helpful to make a plan or an outline of what you are going to write. Your plan should cover the points that each paragraph will address including things such as:

• Have I enough points to make my argument work?
• Do I have enough referenced evidence to support my argument?
• Have I considered alternative viewpoints?

Addressing the above points helps to keep you focused on the question and forces you to look at each paragraph and point individually.

The main body of your essay should contain the majority of evidence. As you are writing about history, it is important that you are factually accurate with dates etc, this is after all history and you can’t change it! Do not just include a large amount of information here; make arguments that are relevant and supported by historical facts and information.

Carrying out a thorough literature review will help you find an argument that seeks to support your answer to the question. A literature review will help you make sense of a body of research and offer you an analysis of all available literature so that you do not have to spend time researching each one individually and with the amount of academic writing on history, this is invaluable.

The conclusion to a history essay as with any essay should sum up all the points made earlier and how these support your answer to the question posed. This part of your essay should make logical sense and give your reader a good outline of what has been stated in the rest of the essay.


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