How to Catch a Cheater Using a Simple Yet Very Effective Cell Phone Tactic

If you think that you are being cheated on then you deserve to know the truth. Sadly many times it is hard to find out if your spouse or partner is cheating if you have no leads or proof. Well I am going to show you a simple cell phone tactic that you can use which will teach you how to catch a cheater, and expose a cheater once and for all. They will be in for some tough questions after you learn how to do this. how to cheating on the phone

You are going to need your spouse or partner’s cell phone and a reverse cell database to find out who owns the numbers you are suspicious of. The first thing you are going to do is go through the cell phone and take note of any numbers that you do not know. Pay special attention to the ones with which your spouse or partner has had long conversations with, as this could be a sign of cheating.

After you have all the numbers that you want to find the owners for, then it is time to conduct a reverse mobile phone search. This can be done by getting access to a reliable directory, and the best way to do this is pay a small fee and get unlimited access. You do not want to use a free directory because they are often illegal, and contain dangerous viruses and other damaging software.

All you have to do once you have gotten access to a reverse cell directory is enter each number into the data field, and it will pull up the name and address of the person who owns the cell phone. This is great information when trying to catch a cheater, and it will give you the information you need to confront your spouse or partner. Remember, the cell phone is the number one tool of the cheater, with over 90% of unfaithful spouses or partners using it to contact their lovers.


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