Data Recovery Companies Are Absolute Necessities

Recovering data is among the more important computer help provided by the computer service centers these days. The level of dependency of people on computers has made data recovery and backup a crucial necessity.

Recovering lost data and backup is done in various ways. When the disk is not damaged, data may be retrieved by connecting it to another machine through cables, or by slaving the disk to the hard disk of another machine. There is also recovery software where data can be salvaged onto a DVD or CD.

Though different types of computer help are provided on site, data recovery and backup services are rarely provided onsite. Technicians need special tools and testing mechanisms to manage the data recovery services that they prefer to have the hard disk or sometimes the complete CPU at their service center.

However, there are data recovery companies that offer to provide recovery of the data online. Most computer service companies are nowadays able to log on to the operating system of a user. If the user is tech savvy enough to hook the damaged disk as a slave to another machine, then certain amount of recovery and backup may be managed online as well.

Recovery companies have what are known as certified class-100 clean rooms where they handle the damaged disk. The magnetic platters inside the hard disk where the information is written are extremely sensitive, and contact with even a speck of dust can spoil the disk to the extent of making data retrieval impossible. To forestall this, the so-called clean rooms are purified by air filters.

Data recovery companies employ different methods for data retrieval. When the client requires the data immediately, they may have to rely on one method whereas if they can be given time they might be able to test other cheaper methods as well. The method used for data recovery and backup will also depend on the extent of damage. With the currently available recovery techniques about 80% to 90% of data is retrieved in most instances.

As in every other job the charges of different recovery companies may vary and customers will have to do some comparison of the charges through online shopping or personal inquiries. Inquiries should also be made about the reliability of the company for entrusting them with important data as material stored in a computer could be of a confidential nature or copyrighted material.

From a certain perspective data recovery and backup services might have to be considered expensive. Since the software that does the job does not come cheap, recovery companies may charge well to provide the services. However, whether the price is high or low will depend on how much the retrieved data is worth for the user.


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