Be Yourself, Be Free, Be Successful! Form a Limited Company!

Are you jaded by your monotonous job, has your career not taken on off as you once hoped? Or have you been made unemployed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then now could be the perfect time to start a business. With the gloom and doom of the recession beginning to fade away, investor confidence and consumer spending are both rising once again. Whilst forming a company (and being successful) may not be a walk in the park, it could be the most fulfilling and profitable endeavour you ever undertake.

Profit as a person, and in the pocket

This could be your chance to do what you really want to do in life. After all you will be your own boss, you call the shots; you make the big decisions in your life. No more having to prove yourself to anyone but yourself. Work when you want to work and increase your income to an start a new ltd company read here almost limitless potential.

If you take that brave step and form a company of your own then you will have a great chance to improve yourself by tackling new challenges everyday which will bolster both your skills and knowledge in the process.

The Basics of Business

The following is a list of essential services you should look take advantage of when starting a business:

· Get a Company Formation Agent to register your company. The complex legalities of incorporating a business with Companies House (the United Kingdom’s Registrar of Companies) make process a long and tedious affair. Company Formation Agents can save you all effort and have you operating as a limited company in 24 hours and they’re actually quite cheap. They can also help you get accepted and fast-tracked for a…

· Business Bank Account. This really is essential. If you incorporate a company then you cannot cash cheques or accept credit card payments into your own personal bank account, obviously this is a massive hindrance.

· Hire an Accountant. Not only do you require a real skill with numbers you also need to know the various requirements and regulations demanded by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Companies House. Likely things you will have to regularly file for your new company include: VAT, Payroll Taxes, Annual Returns and Annual Company Accounts. Every company will hire an accountant eventually, save yourself time and hire one when you first start up. You will free yourself up to focus on the things make your business money.

Wimpole House Company Services offers all of these services for start-ups and many more. Check them out to see how they could help make your dream career move come true.


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